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Petroleum is our core business, and hence, Geosciences is inevitably one of the most essential job areas in PETRONAS. Our teams conduct exploration and appraisal well operations and field development work to search for oil and gas and ensure optimal recovery of the hydrocarbon resources. We adopt advanced technologies and sophisticated methodologies to obtain good geological and geophysical quality data to understand the regional geology and the petroleum system, the prediction of oil and gas accumulations and the reservoir properties.

Our employees are equipped with relevant technical competencies and strong analytical skills. We provide ample opportunities for our employees to grow and advance through job enrichment and tailored through in-house development programmes. We also encourage employees to undertake R&D and participate in international and professional conferences/forums. Professional membership is offered to all eligible Technical Professionals.

The Geosciences job area comprises two key functions:

  1. Main Functions – Exploration Project, Specialised Geology and Geophysics, Geosciences Research, Reservoir Geosciences, Geological and Geophysical Operations.
  2. Specialised Functions - Technical Geosciences, Exploration Geosciences and Operations, Geomatics, Reservoir Development Geosciences, Global Petroleum System & Basin Studies and Exploration Business Development & New Ventures.

You may want to consider a career in PETRONAS if you possess the required qualification below:

Job Function General Degree / Qualification
All main and specialised positions in Geosciences - Degree / MSc / PhD in Geosciences (Geology and Geophysics)
- MSc in Chemistry, Geomatics, Physics and Mathematics/ Physical Science may be considered

Sundaresan Sathasivam
  While my job falls within the ambit of exploration work, my key task is to mature prospective locations into economically worthy drilling sites. I’ve also the opportunity to be involved in the complete spectrum of exploration work, starting from block acquisition and seismic data interpretation, right up to drilling.

PETRONAS has served as an ideal platform to develop my career. Since joining the company, my knowledge and scope of work have grown significantly. The company has supported my development. A case in point is being extended the opportunity to pursue a Master in Science programme in Petroleum Geoscience. With all of these added knowledge and experience, I am now a more confident and well respected person. I love my job and enjoy what I’m doing.

I believe the success PETRONAS has achieved in both upstream and downstream businesses is largely attributed to the organsiation’s emphasis on building employee capability. I feel the PETRONAS Capability Development programme has well demonstrated to all employees that the opportunity to build a successful career is always wide open. PETRONAS will always guide its staff in the right direction to meet their goals and ambitions; it’s up to the employee to make the best of this opportunity and excel.

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